Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So after a year of saying nothing here, to anyone who might be by:

I was to be married to Amanda Delio October 8, 2005. After much prayer and council we have postponed the wedding indefinitely. We haven't broke up; we are just going to take some more time preparing ourselves for marriage. We feel this wasn't the timing God had for us. So if you were planning on coming by the wedding this is for you.

So for now I am going to continue to recover from knee surgery, get a new job, maybe go back to school, and move out of my current place of residency. I don't know if I have ever been at more of an awkward place in my life. I am going to concentrate a lot of my efforts in rediscovering my love of Jesus, ministry, and just being a good Christian person. I have strayed so far from the times that have brought me the most enjoyment and that was my early days as a Christian. I guess a getting back to the basics kind of thing. I have come to realize with age that their are so many more important things than me, myself, and I. People, places, and things can never replace the fulfillment of a life dedicated to Jesus and His way of thinking and life, serving and being selfless, and looking at those around the world who have it a lot worse than you. I grew tired of Christian things, catch phrases, toys, substitutes, etc. When this whole Christian thing is worshipping God daily and the great commission. To go into the entire world and to inform, teach, and live the good news of Jesus to everyone.

Peace and love,

Thursday, October 21, 2004

So I am not making any promises on updating this thing a lot. You know the ones where you go " I am going to start writing in this thing more often".

So anyway I recently reveived a nice birthday present from my sister. The other day she decided since she now has a job that she would buy me a present. So she bought me the Jellyfish box set that was put out for a few months a couple of years ago which quickly became out of print. I found one at JL compact discs for $80. If you search Ebay you can find them going tfor well over $100 and sometimes even $200. I could find them brand new through some online cd companies but they were charging well over $250. So you can imagine my elation when I found one new still in the original packaging. Jellyfish were a band that only put out two albums in the early 90's, "Bellybutton", and "Spilt Milk". They are one of my all time favorite bands by far and wish with all my heart they would reunite for a tour or would just get back together and mak some more music. All of the guys are pretty much session musicians and producers. One of my favorite things about them is that their drummer was their front man. He played the drums at the front of the stage standing up. His kit was like a mini percussion set up. Another thing that is cool is that my girlfriend Amanda is a huge fan. She used to listen to them a lot in highschool. I only just started listening to them last year. Jellyfish is kind of a Beatles, Queen, Beach Boys sounding band with some modern rock sounds added in. Think for some of you an early verion of Rooney, but with more emphasis on four part harmoies and things of that nature.

Here are some short tidbits:
I have put 15,ooo mile on my car since March.

I work at Domino's pizza now.

The first two have a little in common.

I finally saw Metallica in Indy with my sister who won tenth row tickets on the radio. Jay and Aaron's favorite band Godsmack opened the show. Godsmack also features one of my all time favorite drummers Shannon Larkin. He joined the band over a year ago and I am very happy he finally found a successful gig. He played for some thrash bands from the late 80's and early 90's. Bands he has been in are Wrathchild America ( I have shirt from their first album in '89 that i got through ebay), Souls At Zero ( formally known as Wrathchild America), Ugly Kid Joe when thet were on their way out, Amen, and finally Godsmack. So seeing a master showman like him was a true dream come true for me. The way he plays visually is where a lot of my visual drum qualities come from.

I still haven't popped the question to Amanda, but stayed tuned. things are going to change soon.

My band I Am I is still in the writing phase. We do have a set though for gigs which we are currently trying to book. Here are some song titles for you: "Our Father's Wars", which is our heaviest song and I mean heavy, it is hard do believe when I look around the room when I am sceaming my lungs out and playing basically thrash metal that my dad is there tearing it up on guitar. That song clocks in at around 9min. We currently have two instumentals, one is called "Mystery Babylon" which is one of the coolest instrumental songs I have ever heard or played and " The Crumble Switch". The other two songs are called "Majesty" which is the first song that we wrote and the other is called " The Beginning" which has more of a heavy Rush type of vibe. All in all our whole set is about 45 min. We do have other songs we are working on but some of them we are not sure where they fit yet. Another thing that is cool is that my dad emerged as a good lyricist.We are also looking into recording sometime in the near future. More details later. Still no website, but coming soon.

I am still in school. yippidy funking do.

I love the new Further Seems Forever album.

I also like the new albums by Shadow's Fall, Lamb Of God, and God Forbid.

The new christian radio station in Lafayette 97.7 fm is on the air. I supplied them with a lot of their music. It is the weirdest thing to hear bands like Living Sacrifice, Showbread, Indwelling, etc. on the radio when you are driving down the road. Make sure to check it out if you are in or around town.

If you haven't heard of or listened to the wonderful music that Neal Morse creates make sure to check him out. His new album "One" comes out November 2.

Also out on Nov. 2 is the new album from King's X entitled " Live All Over the Place". It is there first live album ever. My whole band, Amanda, maybe Isaac and anybody else I can convince are going to Cincinatti to see them perform Nov. 12. They are truly one of the greatest live bands ever. Tickets are only $15.

Talk to you later.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Here are a couple of fun things for some of my fellow Axe Muderer friends. TRIVIA!!!

Today is my 30th so goodbye 20's. They were good. A lot happened in that time as you could imagine. I have black hair now. I start school tomorrow at Lafayette Beauty Academy which I am so excited about. The only downfall of school I can think of is working while being in school. It isn't going to be leaving me a lot of bonus time, but I will be doing well when I graduate though!!!

Peace and love

Friday, July 09, 2004

I will try to do a run down of the bands I saw at Cornerstone this year for you that are interested.

Aletheian - (pronounced UhLayThean) formally known as Crutch were probably one of the most talented bands I had ever seen at the fest. Think Extol with amazing guitar solo's.

As I Lay Dying - They played like they tour all the time which they do and were simply brutal.

Beloved - I watched only one song from their second set and they were just what I thought they would be from the last time I saw them. An emo band and a metal band got in a fight, no one won so they decided to become friends. I left their show to go see this band on the new band stage called The Remnant.

Blindside - They were so cool. I have seen them live countless times and there is a reason for that. They always look like they are having so much fun.

David Crowder Band - They played modern worship stuff. People around me were getting blessed because they knew the songs. I only knew a couple, which is fine, but it felt more like a concert and I don't really enjoy the style of the music presented.

Dead Poetic - I saw their second set which they called their Deja Vu set which meant essentially this, we have a new drummer and these are the only songs we have worked out with him. They were great as usual ecspecially "Glass in the Trees".

Demon Hunter - They sounded so much better this year. The new songs came out sounding great.

Disciple - They just owned. They were so on top of their game. Non stop from beginning to end. They played some new songs from their yet to be released new album that sound awesome.

Further Seems Forever - They have yet another new singer. Jon Bunch from Sensefield. I have to be honest I like the new stuff with him on it, I hate listening to him sing the old songs. I had the first FSF full length before it came out and have seen them many times. People at first didn't adjust very well to Jason Gleason but I don't think the same can be said this time around. FSF will probably gain a bunch of new fans and lose a lot of older ones who want a cute singer. Jon is not a cute guy. If you want proof check the C-stone coverage website and watch the streaming clip. Tell me he doesn't look like Randy Quaid doing cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

Haste The Day - I just saw couple of songs. They are very good at what they do, but their singer sounds like so many others. The Dan from Zao vocal is getting so old and overdone. It is time to find something new people. Just let Dan do it.

He Is Legend - formally the Uriah Omen just signed with Solid State. The stuff on the internet from their website sounds incredible but, their singer couldn't pull it of live which was very dissapointing.

Jeremy Camp - He does what does pretty much as good if not better than anyone else. He wore a Demon Hunter shirt on Mainstage very nice.

Norma Jean - It was nice to see one of the most copied bands I have ever seen live again. I like the sound of their new singer.

P.O.D. - They were good. They did nothing out of the ordinary.

Relient K - I have seen them for three years in a row. They to me are just one of those bands you see play mainstage every year, like Squad 5-0.

Showbread - One of my favs this year. It is very important to see these guys live to get their whole personna. 7 guys all wearing black shirts with red bands and black shoes. It is such a crazy show and so much fun. Amanda'a new favorite band. She bought one of their shirt's which had a chainsaw on it, and on the chainsaw clade it said Showbread written in blood. Under the chainsaw it said Hail To The King Baby which was taken from the movie Army of Darkness.

Squad 5-0 - I was so bored with them this year. Their musical influences are starting to show a lot in there music and hate me for saying it I don't like The Clash or The Ramones, it isn't music that I enjoy and the schtick that Squad does is getting old.

Switchfoot - they played a new song called "Stars" which had a words don't descibe how cool it was riff in it. They played a real good set and seemed so honest and sincere with their performance.

The Chariot - they are the new nutty band. They have the former lead singer of Norma Jean as their vocalist and they were full on. It was so nice.

The Remnant - A new unsigned band. They were so good. They three guitar players who just shred. I think they were being scouted by Solid State. They are a death metal band. Plain and simple and brutal. Their singer had throat problems so they just played an instrumental set. AWESOME stuff I can't wait to see what happens with these guys.

ZAO - This was the best Zao show I have ever seen. The new lineup is great. They seemed real happy to be playing and very thankful to the crowd. There were no long uncomfortable pauses between songs. the band didn't seem like it was going to fall apart at any second. They seemd united and it was so great to see them that way. Excellent.

This year like last year saw a lot more action from the generator stages. To be honest I was so annoyed this year. Almost every band had the same vocal style and music. I can't explain my hatred of it. There are already dozens of signed bands doing what all these kids are trying to copy. It really wears on your ears after a while. Someone needs to tell them do something else. It happened a few years ago when everyone was mixing rap and rock now it is scream and sing or just scream and try as much to sound like (put your favorite metalcore band in the blank) as posible. My advice fire your singer take some guitar lessons and learn some scales, get your drummer to put away his
double bass pedal for a while learn some groove, and tell your bass player about the other three strings on his bass. The bands that stuck out the most this year were the ones who could play their instruments well. I don't have a problem with kids being in a band I just hope this year some of them go home and find the Dead Poetic inside of them. DP used to be a rap rock band they heard the trend and changed and now they are loved by so many because at the time they did something different. That was my rant.

I had a lot of fun this year I really did. I got to hang out quite a bit with David from MCC and Serbia. I enjoyed his company so much it was great to watch someone experience so many things for the first time. He had never saw a fireworks disply before the one a C-stone. It was things like that that made it a good year. We also had a great camping spot with a water spicket. I brought a garden hose and a fancy nozzle for it a watched it get used by hundreds of people. What a blessing. I participated in a drum clinic and actually played something for everyone. I also had a wonderful time with Amande being there with me. She totally got into some of the bands. Her favs were,
Showbread, Zao, Blindside, Demon Hunter, and P.O.D. to name a few. Here's to next year.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

How did that happen?
Coach z
You're Coach Z. People seem to like you even
though they can't usually understand you and
you sleep in the lockerroom. You need a
girlfriend. Seriously. At least until your
rap career takes off.

What HomeStarRunner Character are you? (pictures)
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Friday, June 18, 2004

1. Full Name: Joshua Matthew Daugherty
2. Nicknames: Joshie, JD
3. Color of eyes: blue
4. Height: 5'9"
5. Color of hair: brown
6. Siblings: 3 brothers Todd, Dan, Isaac 1 sister Dominique
7. Do you like to sing in the shower: Yes
8. Do you like to sing on the toilet: yeah, but I prefer to drum.
9. Birthday: August 9
10. Zodiac sign: Leo
11. Address: Lafayette, IN
12. Sex: soon
13. Righty or lefty: both
14. What do you want in a relationship: my soulmate
15. Have you ever cheated: yes....ask me and I will tell you
16. Marital status: single
17. Do you have a car: yes
18. What kind of car do you have: 2003 Suzuki Aerio SX
19. Movie: So I Married An Axe-Murderer
20. Song: I have around 800 cd's so my current fave is Rose Of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage
21.Band/singer: Daniel Johns from Silverchair and The Dissociatives
22. TV show: MXC, Iron Chef
23. Actor: Mike Myers, Bruce Campbell
24. Actress: don't have one
25. What is your dream date and who is it with: Cornerstone with my girlfriend
26. Number: 44
27. Cartoon: Animaniacs, Beavis and Butt-head
28. Disney character: Sully
29. Color: black (it is not a color) so none
30. Do you plan on having children: Yes
31. Do you want to get married: Yes
32. How many kids would you like to have? 2
33. How old do you wanna be when you get married: 30
34. Would you have kids before marriage: no
35. Do you have a b/f or g/f (who): yes, Amanda Jane
36. How long have you been together: 7 months
37. Do you love them: yes, very much
38. Music or TV: music
39. Guys or girls: girls, I am more comfortable around them
40. Green or blue: blue
41. Pink or purple: purple
42. Summer or winter: summer
43. Night or day: night
44. Hanging out or chillin': chillin'
45. Dopey or funny: funny
46. You know I'm around when you hear: the tapping on things
47. What school do you go to: I start Lafayette Beauty Academy Aug 10
48. Would you ever do drugs: yes, but I will never do them
49. What's a major turn on for you: cuddling
50. How far would you go on a first date: been all the way, so...
51. FRIENDS: Amanda, Erin, Allison are my girls. Jay, Aaron, Todd Bader are my boys
52. Which 6 people do you trust the most: I have a hard time trusting people
53. What do you think of soul mates: I found mine
54. Is it right to flirt if you have a b/f or g/f: no.
55. What was the last thing you cried over or got teary eyed about: When I was completely humiliated and degraded by my boss. It was one of the more painful experiences I have had in a while.
56. What's something about guys/girls you don't understand: How one minute everything is fine and the next it's not
57. Are you happy: sometimes
58. Why: I am just fine one mintue and then all of a sudden everything sucks
59. What's an object you can't live with out: Honestly my shoes I hate stepping on rocks
60. Love or lust: love
61. Silver or gold: silver
62. Diamond or pearl: Pearl
63. Sunset or sunrise: Sunset
64. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: yes
65. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: no
66. Do you have any piercings: no
67. What color of underpants are you wearing right now: Green
68. What song are you listening to now: Just listened to a clip from the new Meshuggah E.P.
69. What are the last 4 digits of you mobile or home phone: 5132
70. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon: someplace private with lots of woods and storms
71. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: Amanda
72. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: size of their breasts, size does not matter to me though, it is just the first thing I notice
73. Favorite sport: baseball
74. What makes you happy: no debt
75. What's the next CD you are gonna get: The new Underoath
76. Do you wear contacts or glasses: no
77. What is the best advice given to you: don't open that door
78. Have you ever won any special awards: yes, employee of the year at Taco Bell '95
79. What are your future goals: Play shows with my new band, Get married, have a career
80. Worst sickness you ever had: I only get the flu every once in a while
81. Do you like funny or scary movies better: scary
82. Do you like talking on the phone or in person: in person
83. Hugs or kisses: kisses
84. What song seems to reflect you the most: One More Time - Disciple
85. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to: my Dad
86. Do you have any enemies: I have in the past but none right now
87. Greastest fears: Going to hell
88. Craziest thing you have done: Fanatsy gift shop 1995
89: What time is it right now: 10:00 pm
90. Have you ever been in love: yes
91. Have you ever seen santa: no, he's dead
92. If E.T. knocked on your door holding a peace sign and asking to use your phone what would you do: give him my brothers address
93. Last time you talked to the person that you liked: earlier today
94. Do you have any pets: A cat named Fly
95. What's your shemale address: I don't know any
96. Last time you were depressed: Sunday
97. Are you an alcoholic: no
98. Who sent this to you: I stole it from Erin
99. What do you think of this person: Erin is the girl I grade by
100. Do you want your friends to reply back: they all probably have

I finally posted, I hope my honesty doesn't effect your opinions of me. Thank Jesus for His wonderful grace and mercy for I am the chief of sinners.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Well just the other night I went to see Dream Theater in Chicago at the Riviera. I was able to get two people away from the stage and had a perfect view of the entire stage. They played for about four hours. The set they played was amazing. Here is the set :

Set 1

As I Am
The Mirror
Beyond This Life w/ Zappa stuff
Hollow Years
Caught in a Web
Endless Sacrifice
To Live Forever
A Fortune in Lies
Trial of Tears

Set 2

The Glass Prison
This Dying Soul
Another Day
Stream of Consiousness
In the Name of God


A Change of Seasons

The show was amazing!!! Everything about the show rocked. The only problem I had for me was this really nice fellow who was following DT around from show to show that sang off key and so loud with the band that he could drown out James Labrie's vocals. He would yell WOOOOOO!! inbetween songs so loud that it would make me duck and cringe in pain from the pure volume that would come out of this guy. I complemented him on his power cause he has some pipes. Unfortunately off key. I also waited outside for about two hours in a t-shirt to see if I could meet any of the band. The only ones who stopped to chat were James Labrie the singer and John Petrucci the guitar player which was so cool. JP's hair looks so cool.

I am going to try to do some new things here at this blog. I am going to try to give concert dates. So here is some:

Solid State Records tour featuring Norma Jean, Dead Poetic, Haste The Day, Beloved, and Underoath. April 1 @ the Emerson. 6:30, $12

The Frank Gambale and Ohm. March 31 @ The Rehearsal Studios. 7:00, $20

Fantomas, Melt Banana, end. Apr. 12 @ the Vogue 8:00, $18

Disciple, Staple, and Poor Man's Riches. April 9 @ The Rehearsal Studios. 7:00, $10 in advance $12 at the door

Here are some new cd's to pick up:

Officer Negative - The Death Campaign Project. Tuesday March 23
Dead Poetic - New Medicines. Tuesday April 6

My band I Am I is coming along greatly. We have the music for five songs complete. The tentative titles are, The Beginning, Majesty, and The Trilogy, which is actually three songs in one that is clocking in at about 17 minutes. I am going to be working on the vocals and words here in a few days as soon as I have a cd from our last practice. I am also starting to look around for some bands to do some shows with. We will be up to an hour worth of songs in about a month.

I also recently purchased a new car for less than $10,000. It is a 2003 Suzuki Aerio SX. It has 20,000 miles, it is yellow, power everything, and an in dash 6 disc cd player. I love this car and it is som much fun to drive. Thank you Jesus!!

Peace and love!

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